June 5th, 2019

Pentecost is coming!!!!

Otherwise known as ‘The Fifty’, Pentecost is seven weeks after Easter. We celebrate it because

of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit—tongues of fire and power to heal and courage to spread

the Word.

But it’s also a time to come together and fellowship. So much of our year is taken up with

fundraising, ministry and worship; I LOVE THAT. But there comes a time in every church family

wherein we need to just sit and have a few laughs, a burger or two, play some games and just

BE. That’s what this Sunday is…a time to be together as a family. Picnic STYLE! And an added

bonus: everything from this weekend’s picnic has been donated by Homeland, Walmart, Crest,

Coop, Elk Valley Brewery and more. It’s my present to you for all you do…you deserve to be

loved on and appreciated for your hard work and dedication and faith…and just for being who

you are.

So come. Come Sunday and worship, stay Sunday and eat and just ‘be’. Let’s start summer off

with some fun!


Fr. Sean+