January 23rd, 2019

People of the Resurrection,

Greetings! Last Sunday’s annual meeting seemed to be a rousing success—all forty-two minutes of it. J If you missed the meeting and are curious about the reports submitted, please reach out to the office and we’ll get you a book of reports.

I’d like to welcome/congratulate our new vestry members, convention delegates, and wardens: Lance Straughn, Debbie Horton, (both vestry members); Ann Zuk, Eric Hileman, June Howard, Nicole Ekberg (alternate)—our delegates; and Ann Zuk and Tom Ruder, our new Senior and Junior Wardens! Thank you all for your willingness to serve. I know that you’ll do very well in supporting the life and ministry of Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.

This church has been and continues to be blessed by its members. Thirty years ago at the end of January, the first Episcopal liturgy was held in this building. As such, we’ve dedicated this upcoming Sunday as ‘Heritage Sunday’, so to honor the tridecinnial occasion. We’ll be singing some old(er) hymns, hearing from three parishioners representing the past, present, and future settings of our congregation, and also seeing some pictures of the building as it was being built alongside the present-day state of it. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you, then.

 Lastly, ACH contribution sheets are still available for those of you desiring to take part in that type of giving. We’ve had quite a few folks switch to this system since the announcement a few weeks ago. Again, ACH is a way to automatically draft your pledge from your bank to ours; this helps in ensuring the budget needs of the church by virtue of your gracious giving being consistent regardless of absence. If you’re like Nicole and me and appreciate being able to place something in the plate, the ‘dollar-a-Sunday’ offering might be the answer! Since I mentioned this, we’ve been receiving almost double the plate offering (cash) than normal. So, by signing up for ACH and giving a dollar on Sundays, we’re not only ensuring the stability of our stewardship, but we’re ALSO adding to it! If things continue as they have over the last three weeks, we’ll have funded not one but TWO programs this year with just a dollar a Sunday! AWESOME!

If you have any questions about anything listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out. I love hearing from you. J


Fr. Sean+