September 26, 2018



So many good things abound within our midst! We have quite a few ministries supporting our daily life: Altar Guild, Choir, Mobile Meals, Youth, Adult Education, The Chad, Dion, Dr. Whitesell and Eric, Lay Ministers, Acolytes, and on and on! During the summer, we’ve had record attendance, as well. We’ve averaged around seventy people per Sunday—something that is phenomenal for this time of year, given our congregation size. Even more exciting is the amount of new people coming to church every Sunday.


But along with growth, along with a sense of the ‘good’ things happening at resurrection, comes financial need. Summer is notorious for witnessing a drop in giving—people are away, busy, and sometimes financial support suffers out of distraction. Let me be clear: This congregation has been extremely faithful with support during my first year, and throughout the last forty years. However, with the numerous new ministries and existing ones, we have a need to ensure that our time, talent and treasure are all equally committed to supporting our new-found growth. All of our recent upgrades have been fully funded by extra giving, a fantastic and miraculous endeavor by each of you. In terms of the day to day budget, we still have work to do.


Simply put, I’m writing to you all as a gentle reminder that, although things are going well, we need to remain faithful in our giving. Please consider this as we move toward the Fall and Winter months. In November, we’ll be entering stewardship season—a time in which we approach the altar and make financial commitments to the church. But the need is here, now, as well. Please continue giving to the ongoing life and ministry of this place, every gift is just that—a gift—and they all impact this place for the better. As I’ve said before, it takes all of us. Together, we can maintain the budget for 2018 and walk into 2019 with confidence that all our ministries, all our staff, and all our outreach will be accomplished.


I appreciate your generosity more than I can ever express via the written word. Thank you for your faithful pledge to this holy place, and to God whom it serves. And thank you for being the mighty resurrected congregation of Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.




Fr. Sean+