June 13, 2018


It is with deep sadness, yet a grateful heart that Monty Howard died peacefully at 12:30am this morning. The deep sadness comes from the loss of such a bright soul that shined love and humor, strength and faith upon this beloved community for many, many years. The grateful heart thrums the words, “Thanks be to God for your servant Monty, who no longer experiences pain or sorrow, fatigue or lapse in memory.”

Death is inevitable; it is the human condition to be born, to live, and to die. However, it is precisely how that condition is stewarded that matters. Monty lived a life of a servant. He was faithful to June, his eternal summer of love; he was faithful to his God; he was faithful to his church, his community, and to those in need. He was quick to joke, eager to love, and a delight to behold in conversation.

There will be announcements forthcoming concerning his memorial service, but for now, pray for June and the rest of his family (us, included) that he may rest in peace and rise in that heavenly glory.

Rest well, Monty, and let light perpetual shine upon you.

Love to you all,
Fr. Sean+