April 11, 2018

What would you do?

What would you do if you had the chance to impact every life around you with just one phrase? I think about the way in which we speak to one another, often; our walking conversations serve as singular opportunities throughout the day to enhance, encourage or enliven people around us. The person at the convenience store, the guy next to you in line at Starbucks, even the fast food folks that hand you your food—all of these are of God, and all are deserving of a kind word or gesture.

People ask me all the time what we’re doing here, how it is that we’re growing so quickly. My answer is always the same: We love people, love each other, and we love Jesus. The main difference in what I see here—and from what I’ve heard—is that there’s a palpable joy emanating from the faithful people who are part of this community. That’s the key. We must keep our joy, as we have so much about which to be joy-filled. From floors to doors, new babies to fiftieth wedding anniversaries, work-days and open-mic nights, Cursillo, ECW retreats, softball teams and Altar guilds…there’s so much happening in this hallowed arena. And all of that joy makes this community what it is: Faithful.

What phrase would you use to describe your Church? What three to seven words encompass the place wherein you spend time, talent, and treasure on a weekly basis? And most importantly, does that phrase speak to the soul of others who may be looking for somewhere to belong? I have to believe that there are more people out there in need of a kind word or a joyful phrase which serves to point them toward Jesus Christ. Think on how you explain your Church, this week. Reflect on whether or not you’re inviting people to join us, or simply missing opportunities. I believe in one God, Jesus Christ his son, and the Holy Spirit. And through them, I believe we can grow their kingdom, right here in our little corner of the city. There’s power in words and I know that you all are passionate about your community; share those words with everyone around you and I promise you’ll become the change you want to see in the world.

Have a blessed week.

Fr. Sean+