October 24, 2018

Have you been to a Wednesday evening meal? Throughout the past month, we’ve had a great crowd on Wednesdays and everyone seems to enjoy the fellowship. If you haven’t been able to come, no worries—you’re missed but we can’t all make it to everything offered. But if you’re not coming because there isn’t a class or activity in which you’re interested, I hope you know that we still want to enjoy a meal with you. You don’t have to stay for the whole evening; just being with you for a half an hour is a blessing in and of itself.


Having said that, I also want to ask for some help. The last five meals have been prepared by just a few folks, and the cleanup has been done by even fewer. We really do need some folks to offer themselves to this effort. If we have six or eight people offer to join in on the dinner prep and cleanup, everyone would only be tasked once every six weeks. As it is, now, June has been overseeing the majority of the cleanup. While I’m grateful for that, I’d like to see some more folks jumping in and helping out. The Wednesday night fellowship meal is a fantastic way in which to come together mid-week, and I’d like to see it be sustainable. Please consider helping out if you can!


Next, I want to remind everyone of the Trunk or Treat that’s occurring on Sunday evening. PLEASE call the office if you are planning on bringing your vehicle down on Sunday to help out; I’d like to know that we have enough cars! The evening begins at 6pm and ends at 8pm, so I’d love to see the volunteers arrive around five or five thirty to setup.


As always, I appreciate all that you do; this place is amazing because of your faith, your contribution of time, and your generosity. I’ll see you tonight, and if not, then I’ll see you Sunday. Take care of yourselves and know that you are beloved.




Fr. Sean+