Are You Talking to Me?

Daily Scripture: Luke 20:9-18

Reflection: Pete Woodward, ECOTR

Did you ever read a bible verse and think, “I understand this…but what does it have to do with me?” That’s how I think of Luke 20:9-18. You will recognize it; it’s the parable where Jesus is being tested by the Pharisees by telling the story of a wealthy landowner who sends his servants to collect payment due from tenant farmers from property he owns. The tenants decide that they will deny the land owner his due and, instead, beat the servants sent to collect. The landowner then sends his son, confident that the tenants will understand his importance and then render what is owed.

The tenants kill the son.

I understand the analogy; God is the landowner, the servants are the prophets he sent out over the years, and clearly, the son is Jesus. In this parable, Jesus is prophesying his own death at the hands of a Jewish leadership, because, like the son in the parable, he represents a threat to their power and authority.

I can read this story and wonder' what relevance it has today. Are there times where I hold onto what I have, because I worked hard to get it, without recognizing that the Good Lord provided me the talent and opportunity to be successful? Do I forget the words we say at the end of the offering on Sunday: “All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee”? Have I appropriately used the talents given to me to best help those that can benefit most?

I believe that the Good Lord has an expectation that ‘those that can, should’. This means that whatever you CAN do (sacrifice) to help those around you, you SHOULD do with your time, talent, and/or treasure. It also means that at some point in life you might need the support presented through someone' else’s sacrifice. It is essential to the Christian community that we care for one another, especially during the Advent season—as we prepare for the arrival of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Pete Woodward