Life’s a Journey, not a Destination

Daily Scripture: Luke 20:1-8

Reflection: Mary Greear, ECOTR

I can relate to this scripture because I, too, have questioned things in the past.  I grew up in a rigid, judgmental fundamentalist church ruled by a punishing God; where forgiveness was preached but not practiced and the bible was used more as a weapon than a source of comfort.  Even as a child some things I was taught didn’t seem right to me.  As I grew up I questioned more and more.  By my early 30’s I was so guilt-ridden that I was convinced I was ‘doomed to hell’ and I could never be good enough to merit salvation; so I left that church and religion altogether for long time.

Many years later I came into the Episcopal church as an invited singer in the choir. There I began to hear a different story: a message of love, acceptance and inclusion.  I came to see Christianity practiced as a way of life and not a rigid set of “thou shall not” rules.”  The more I learned about the church and the liturgy, the more I loved it and knew I had found the place where I belonged. Coming from such a bare-bones type worship, the celebration of the church seasons is particularly meaningful to me. 

Each Advent begins another wonderful journey through the life of Christ.  And each year as I make the journey I learn more and gain a deeper understanding of His true message.  What a joy it is to celebrate this wonderful season and all its attendant pageantry.  Advent not only signals the impending birth of Christ, it also affords me an opportunity to reassess my commitment as a Christian.

Mary Greear